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"Khandan info is a Space for Genealogical information" 

Stay with Genealogical information. || Stay with family members and relatives.

Share memorable events, Mystery of Family History within family members and relatives.

Create Family Tree and build Family Net, connected with an unlimited Families of your Dynasty

Khandan/खानदान/খানদান/Dynasty information is most important to us; we never ignore its utility. Our genealogical information support us to improve ourselves, to prevent evils and we may directed right-way. in this modern civilization we are forgetting our actual family cultures, custom etc. We are spread-out and divided in a small isolated families. We are not aware about our family background, Fore-Fathers and even present family branches. Matured and experienced peoples like to save/store their Childhood's moment for anytime flashback as well as Lifestyle, Family Tradition, Customs, History of Family Mystery etc.

We have to know;

Who am I?

Where did I come from?

What is the actual customs of our Family?

What is the Genetic issue in our Family Hierarchy?

What is Medical inheritance in our Family/ Dynasty? etc

Henceforth, We have to save/sore our Genealogical records in a secure and easy access space, so that either we or survivors may access in future. more.

Basically we suppose to savings assets for the next Generation/Kin, but we always forget to savings a valuable experiences and Genealogical information for them. We should be known about our Family background like Customs of Marriage-Death-Born, Genetic Disease etc

Let’s Sign up to create a Family Tree and store all family related records in a space of Khandan info; it is personal, it is secure, it is hassle free, it is user-friendly and useful; so Just try once.

You may read-over in our help and features section regarding; What is Family Tree, What is Family Net?, How to create my Family Tree?, How to join other family tree?, How to invite family members to join your family tree?. How to extend your family tree with an unlimited families?, How to permit/ authorize to join your family tree? and many-more Frequently Asked Questions.

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