What Importance & Why we go for it.....

Genealogy is an asset for Next...

We generally try to saving something to our next Generation as well as our future life. But we might be saved our Genealogical information for the same. If we save (store) our experiences and life styles, we & our next Generation may be learned and scrutinized to achieve best.

Get in touch with family members...

Today we are not able to maintain or follow and get in close up with all family members. We mere to remember our all family members and their spouses and relatives

Know your family root..

Through dynamic Khandan (Dynasty) Family Tree we may able to save (Store) & share our all family root; everyone can be knew & learned about their forefathers.

Family History..

We generally study various histories of ancient peoples & dynasty; there is no option to study about our ancestors or dynasty. Khandan Info Com Pvt Ltd giving you option to save (store) all genealogical information for next.

Online Khandan (Dynasty) Family Tree World Wide Access..

Now easily you can be accessed Khandan (Dynasty) Family Tree World Wide any Time any Where

Online Khandan (Dynasty) Family Tree Updating..

Now you or your authorised can be updated Khandan (Dynasty) Family Tree any Time any Where World Wide.

Search, Invite & Join Khandan (Dynasty) Family Tree..

You can Search & Invite your family or relative and you also may be able to join with existing family tree any time

Share your Events, Emotion & Expression to neighbourhood..

Now you may able to share your all Events with your neighbourhood and you can also share your Emotion as well as your Expression to all any Time any Where World Wide.

Write; Post and share your blogs..

Now easily you can able to write blogs about your Family (Khandan) or Dynasty and you easily can be post.

History of Family Mystery..

Now easily Save (upload) your family Mystery; History of Family Mystery might be treated as an asset for Next and it easily accessed for next.

Flash Back to your Childhood any Time any Where..

Now too easy to Flash-Back in Childhood or any memorable moments, just save or store your all memorable events it might be shared with others

Upload your Important Photos, Movies & Documents..

Now too easy to save or store Important Photos, Movies and Documents.

Save (Store) your manuscript..

Just scan your manuscripts and upload into Khandan Info Com. You also store manuscripts of yourself and your all family members.

Write & Save (Store) your own Family History..

Now it is easier to store family history or back-ground. Just login or sign up with Khandan Info Com and upload. Your family history might be guided to next.

Extend your family Tree..

Now everyone can be built Family Tree and it might be extended ‘n’ level. You can be easily entered up to bottom level of family members. Khandan Info Com giving you excellent and affordable platform, magical family tree creating is a feature of various popular useful innovative services.

Extend your Family Net..

Easily Know and Extend your Family Net. The Family Net might be extended ‘n’ level. Just invite or intimate to join with your Family Tree, it easily extend unlimited. Now more easy to establish a Family Net, in a one family net you can find your spouse’s families and as well as in-law’s families. You might be understood through our family net examples as follows:

Save (Store) or Trace your Family Diseases..

Now everyone might be able to save (Store) and same to be traceable for next. Now easily can be diagnosed and cured from genetic diseases. Net Generation might be free from Genetic Diseases. In case Genetic Diseases exist with your Family ‘Khandan’, you have to share and extend the same for your kin, so that they would be able to free from them.

Roll back your family’s mystery..

Khandan Info Com giving you great changes to Rollback your family’s mystery. You have to opt and share the same for next.

Scrutinize your family History..

Now you can be able to scrutiny of your family history, you have to discover the reasons for their victory or ruin. You might be knew the same and can be able to achieve the pick-point.

Study the real reasons of your Forefather’s achievement..

Every Generation easily might be able to study about their forefather and their customs of life. You have to save the same for your next of kin.

Know your root of your spouse..

Now it is possible to know or trace the right root of your spouse. Khandan Info Com brings you affordable services to

Save (Store) your Guidance for Next..

Now you can be instructed and guided your next of kin so that your valuable guidelines might be

Follow your Dynastic Customs..

Now you can be able to follow you all customs of dynasty.

Aware your upcoming Evil Times..

Now can say your evil times; you might be able to your upcoming evil times. Khandan Info Com giving you change to opt National or International renowned Astrologers in a one platform.

Connect with your favourite Astrologers..

Now you can be connected your favourite Astrologers through Khandan Info Com’s Platform. You might be opted various types of Astrological service in your doorstep on one click of mouse.

Solve your Problems from Famous & Renowned Astrologers..

Easily might be solved and satisfied with the right solution of emplaned Astrologers group of Khandan Info Com.

Built your Dream Home as per Vaastu Expers

Change your Life Line

Know Your Good Luck

Say Good Bye to your Evil Time

Be Proud on your Khandan (Dynasty)

Be Aware about your Genetic Problems

Be Aware about your Bride & Grooms

Save Life Your Child from Genetic Diseases

Easy to adopt a Child from World Wide Range

Easy to Donate and Adopt Child World Wide Range

Easy to Make a Mate

Easy to Establish a Friend Circle

Easy to Searcy your Childhood

Easy to trace History of Family Mystery of Bridegrooms

Now available Dynastic eMatrimony and iMatromony system....

Easy to Get any type Prediction...

Easy to Get Kundali .....

You might be got Horoscope on OneClick..

You may be aware about Numerology

You may be got various Numerology Services..

You can know your Terror card..

Your Expertise 4 Next..

You have to know ‘Connecting Family’..

Now more easy ‘Connecting Next’..

Khandan Family Net is ‘Connecting Generation’

You can Build your Family Tree..

You can Invite your In-Law’s Family Tree..

You can update, edit profile of each and every family members..

You can create Album for Upload Photo, Movie etc..

You can save or upload your Documentation..

You can write or upload your Auto-Biography..

You Can write or upload Biography of your family member..

You might be able to restricted to Share..

You Joy, Plea, Blogs and Scraps might be reach to your..

Your Family Member easily close-up with you..

You can be able to remember your all important events..

You may be wish family members in time..

You may be able get in touch with your family members..

You may be able get in touch with your family net..

You may be able get in touch with your relatives..

You may be able get in touch with your friend circle..

Everyone may be got predictions on OneClick

Everyone may be got various type services via..