About Khandaninfo ‘World Wide Family Net’

      Khandan is a Hindi word, Khan-Daan meaning in English is Dynasty. Khandan info is a Family Tree based Indian best and affordable Genealogical informatics web portal offers to users to prepare online Family Tree. Users may able to solve the problem of genealogy by inviting online world wide family net. Users may permit/ authorize unlimited members connecting to the Family Tree as well as Family Net to join their Family Tree. Users may able to search Families in Khandan info and may approach for obtaining permission to join their Family Tree. Khandaninfo’s users may share an unlimited number of photos, videos and documents with their families depending criteria of subscription. Khandaninfo offers Paid & Free registration for membership; Free registered members may avail limited time or and limited usage depending our terms and conditions as well as usage policies updating time to time by khandaninfo. Members of Khandaninfo may upgrade their membership into any available premium subscribers allow to various offered services time to time implementing or incorporating by khandaninfo. Khandan info has to modify or and implement / incorporate such utilities and services relating to Genealogy,Matrimony, Astrology, Vaastu and Child Adoption.

      Basically we suppose to savings assets for the next Generation/Kin, but we always forget to savings a valuable experiences and Genealogical information for them. We should be known about our Family background like Customs of Marriage-Death-Born, Genetic Disease etc.

      Khandaninfo is powered by Khandan info Com Pvt Ltd, New Delhi, India.