Admin Desk:

We are glad to provide innovative and long forgotten information related to family (‘Khandan’). Our main aim to introduce ‘Khandan’ applies for undivided family. As you all know that due to modernisation of society and our hectic work culture, the new Generation has hardly any time left to know about their Forefathers or they rarely know who all relatives are in their family, their occupation, their residence or any other information related to them.

Here we have designed this Portal where each individual can store all his information, biography, event, emotion, plea, joy and much more and at the same time he can share it with all the concerned members (‘Khandan’) be it from Mother’s or Father’s side.

Our dedicated team is working round the clock to make this portal much more comfortable and user-friendly. We believe this portal well once again unite long forgotten relatives in one way or the other and help shaving their emotional attachments once again and rekindle the flame of togetherness.

Any suggestions or requirements shared by users are welcomes, we may be incorporated these immediate to make it better.