One Debnath Family (‘Khandan’) residing in countryside of India at Basudha (meaning in Bengali of Basudha is Earth) trying to close-up all family branches and relative in a chain. This family researched and analysed on Genealogy and decided to store/save all genealogical information in a space for further use as Flash-Back in future as well as use in Next Generation. Basically we suppose to savings assets for the next Generation/Kin, but we always forget to savings a valuable experiences and Genealogical information for them. We should be known about our Family background like Customs of Marriage-Death-Born, Genetic Disease.

Board of Members:

1) Mr Sudhir Sharma, Director & CEO a Dedicated, Passionate and Expressive valuable in this Firm. He is not only a workaholic but also a very good person. He is an active member in Khandan info; who completely dedicates his time to work and worships work like anything else. He is a multi talented person who manages whole company task and supervise the all stage of company.

2) Mrs Falguni Debnath, Director is a main activated and anxious legend in the Firm. Her dedication making possibilities to establish a firm for providing innovative services for the Human Beings.