Silent Features of Khandan Family Tree

1)    You can create a Family Tree

a.  Add Your Family Members:-

i.     Click upper arrow to add parents
-You can add unlimited Generation of your Fore-Fathers --Watch Video
ii.   Click left or right arrows to add Husband-Wife or Brother-Sister --Watch Video
iii.  Click bottom arrows to add Son or Daughter --Watch Video

b.  You can delete any Member:-

-To delete any member; Click on x (cross) symbol of any member except you or existing member having login Id--see unlimited user id in a single Family Tree --> Watch Video

c.  Store/ update all related records / information of each member:-

-You can store/ update / Edit all information of each and every member of Family Tree. Click on Edit profile of any member, a Popup Windows (a little webpage on the same page/screen) should be displayed (if not so, please change setting of Popup blocking of your browser) In this windows you can update or edit following important information of each member. –Watch Video

i.     Name - You can add Prefix / Suffix of Name, like Mrs. Falguni Debnath, Director.

ii.    Display Name/ Nick Name it should be displayed in Family Tree.

iii.   Contact numbers.

iv.    Birth Location- it may use Astrological prediction etc.

v.     Date of Birth-it may be used for Birthday reminder and Birthday Event may be shared within Family Members as well as relatives. There are various useful options available.

vi.    Date of Death (incase deceased)- This event also be shared.

vii.   Present Location.

viii.  Descriptions of physics.

d.  Store all Photos/ Videos of each members:-

-You can create unlimited Albums for each or any event/ occasion like 10th Birthday, 25th Marriage Anniversary etc and you can upload all related Photos and Videos. --> Watch Video

e.  Store all important documents in Digitally:-

-You can scan your important documents / records and upload can it --> Watch Video

f.  Write Blog or Biography of each and every member:-

-You can write blog or biography like ROZNAMCHA, Childhood etc or you can scan your manuscript and upload it. --> Watch Video

g.  Update professional and educational information- it may helps for carrier events.

h.  Store/ Update Genetic issues.

i.    You can update Genetic issues like Diseases, so next Generation or Next of Kin may takes necessary precautions.

ii.   You can update Genetic issues like Diseases, so next Generation or Next of Kin may takes necessary precautions.

2.  You Can Build a Family Net of your Dynasty.

a.  A Family Tree should reflect a Family including all members connecting to the Family.


a.  A Family Net should connected with more than one family.

   e.g. Your Family Tree may connect with following Families..

i.    Your Uncle’s Family.

ii.   Your Mather’s Family.

iii.  Your Wife’s Family.

iv.   Your Sister-in-Law’s Family.

v.    Your Brother-in-Law’s Family.

And thereafter so on

In this way Your Family Net may extend unlimited connecting families.

3.  Unlimited users in a Singly Family Tree or Family Net.

a.    You or existing any users may permit/grant/authorize to any existing members of your Family Tree or Family Net.

-For this act – You or existing users of the Family Tree / Net; just enter valid email address on desired Member’s Node (in Family Tree, Rectangle box containing member’s name is denote Node). Email Entry box available in every Nodes by default till filled-up. After enter valid email address of that member a ‘invite’ button should be displayed right-bottom corner of the Member’s Node. Just click on ‘invite’ button, system should be warned you with Popup Message; if you agreed, system may send email to entered email address with a link of permission to join with your family tree. Concerned Member has to click or copy paste the link into URL; then ask to Signup with a new user name and password. After Signup, the concerned member automatically joined into your Family Tree with his Login details. --> Watch Video

b.    You can Find/ Search Families and you can join with any family after getting permission.

i.    In Family Tree Page/ Screen a Search Option available.

ii.   Click on Search.

iii.  A Popup Windows should be displayed (if so not, please change setting of your browser).

iv.   Enter any part of Name or Surname.

v.    After click of Search button, Please wait for search resul.

vi.   On Search Result, you can view any family Tree (without photo and profile) containing only Name of Members; View windows should be opened in new window.

vii.  In view windows a ‘+’ Plus symbol displayed with every members, if you want to join with that Family Tree; just click on ‘+’ Plus symbol then a Question should be displayed; you have solved the relationship related question, if you solve then a request email should be sent by the system to owner of that Family Tree; If the owner of that Family Tree permitted you then you easily join. -->Watch Video

4.  You can invite peoples to create their Family Tree into Khandaninfo.Com

a.  On the Family Tree Screen a Invite People Icon available; click on Invite People Icon; Invite people Screen should be displayed.

i.    You can edit default message.

ii.   Click to enter email id of your friend; You can Enter Name of Friends (Optional).

iii.  You can add more email ids, Click on Add More.

iv.   Just Checked  by Click on Option boxes available left of each email id.

v.  Then Click on Invite.

vi.   Your invitation may send to each email address.